What is another word for shamash?

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[ ʃˈamaʃ], [ ʃˈamaʃ], [ ʃ_ˈa_m_a_ʃ]

Shamash is a word that refers to the ancient Babylonian sun god. The word has no direct synonyms, as it is tied to the specific mythology of Babylonian culture. However, the concept of a sun god is present in many other cultures and religions, and there are countless other divine figures associated with the sun. Depending on the religion or tradition in question, these figures may be called Apollo, Ra, Helios, Inti, or many other names. While these names do not refer specifically to the Babylonian Shamash, they do share the connection to the sun as a powerful and symbolic force.

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Shamash was the Babylonian god of the sun and justice. He was represented as a man with a lion's head and a human body. Shamash was the primary deity of the ziggurat built in honor of him in ancient Babylonia. He was also worshipped in Assyria, Persia and Canaan. Today, Shamash is considered one of the most important gods in the Babylonian pantheon.

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