What is another word for shambles?

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[ ʃˈambə͡lz], [ ʃˈambə‍lz], [ ʃ_ˈa_m_b_əl_z]

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How to use "Shambles" in context?

The term "shambles" is often used to describe a situation in which something is completely disorderly and rickety. This word can be used to describe just about any type of situation, and it is often used to describe something that is completely incompetent or chaotic. The Oxford English Dictionary gives the definition of the word as follows:

1. a state of disorder or ruin;

2. a disorderly or awkward collection of things.

Typically, when someone uses the term "shambles" to describe a situation, they are likely referring to something that is extremely disorderly and chaotic.

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