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The word Shasta is a proper noun that refers to a mountain range in California. However, there are several synonyms for the word "Shasta." One might use the term "mountain range" to refer to a range of mountains similar to the Shasta range. Another synonym could be "peak," "summit," or "mountaintop" if referring to the top of a mountain. If describing a region with mountains, one might use the term "mountainous." Additionally, if talking about a mountainous landscape, one might use the word "alpine" or "subalpine" to describe the vegetation and environment surrounding the mountains.

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Shasta is a mountain range in Northern California. The range stretches from the Klamath Mountains in the south, to the Cascade Range in the north. The highest peak in the range, Mount Shasta, is 10,163 feet (3,052 meters) tall. The range is bisected by Interstate 5. Part of the Cascade Range, Shasta is mostly forested, but has a number of significant lakes, including Shasta Lake and Siskiyou Lake. The high altitude and harsh climate has caused the mountain range to be sparsely populated.

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