What is another word for shebeen?

Pronunciation: [ʃˈɛbiːn] (IPA)

Shebeen, a term primarily used in South African English, refers to an informal establishment that sells alcoholic drinks, usually in a residential area. This term has synonyms such as a speakeasy, a blind pig, or a bootleg bar, which are used to describe an unlicensed establishment that serves alcohol. In Zimbabwe, shebeens are also known as matapi, while in Botswana, they are referred to as "kweseka." Within Jamaican and Trinidadian English, shebeen can be referred to as a "rum shop." Additionally, in parts of the United States, a shebeen may also be referred to as a "juke joint" or a "honky-tonk." Regardless of the term, these establishments have a reputation for their vibrant and often illegal nature in their respective regions.

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Usage examples for Shebeen

The easy circumstances, in comparison with many others, he enjoyed, left him both means and leisure for such a course; and few days passed without his paying a visit to the "shebeen-house" of the village.
"St. Patrick's Eve"
Charles James Lever
"I have managed it, Captain; we have got hold of the best quarters in the village; it is a room over the only shebeen here.
"With Moore At Corunna"
G. A. Henty
Sure, your honour, if you think that it is necessary, of course it must be done; but would it not be as well to go to the shebeen first and to take possession of the room, and to get comfortably settled down in it before ye gives me away?
"With Moore At Corunna"
G. A. Henty

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