What is another word for shed?

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[ ʃ_ˈɛ_d], [ ʃˈɛd], [ ʃˈɛd]

Synonyms for Shed:

rejected (adjective) relinquished (adjective) barn (noun) booth (noun) camp (noun) eastern poison oak (noun) shack (noun) shanty (noun) divest (verb) reject (verb) relinquish (verb) rid (verb) beam dismiss disperse eastern poison oak flow from get rid of Other synonyms: peel off publicize relinquish rid skin

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Rhymes for Shed:

  1. said, sped, shred, head, sled, redd, unread, unwed, spread, read, med, wed, thread, unsaid, tread, bred, led, dread, retread, bread, stead, zed, ted, fed, lead, fled, ed, widespread, bed, dead, red;
  2. purebred, imbed, instead, embed, misled, behead, ahead;
  3. interbred, thoroughbred, infrared, overfed, overhead;

Quotes for Shed:

  1. We hope to find more pieces of the puzzle which will shed light on the connection between this upright, walking ape, our early ancestor, and modern man. Richard Leakey.
  2. I still feel like I'm trying to make it. It's hard to shed the struggling actor thing. Mark Ruffalo.
  3. They're not willing to admit that I've also shed blood and tears and often paid dearly for my success. This makes me feel extremely sad. Zhang Ziyi.

Idioms of Shed:

  1. shed light on;
  2. shed crocodile tears;
  3. shed/ throw light on sth;