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Pronunciation: [sˈa͡ɪlənsəz] (IPA)

Silencers are essential tools used in the suppression of firearms, enabling them to operate without producing loud sounds. There are several synonyms for the word "silencers" which include suppressors, sound moderators, noise dampeners, mufflers, hushers, and quieteners. Suppressors are used to reduce noise levels when firing firearms by modifying the pressure waves produced. They work by trapping the expanding gas, which results from gunpowder, thereby decreasing the firearm's noise levels. The term "sound moderator" is common in the UK, while "noise dampener" is used to describe silencers used in industrial settings to reduce noise from machinery. Mufflers, hushers, and quieteners are more colloquial terms used to describe silencers in everyday language.

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Usage examples for Silencers

That's where the beauty of our modern silencers comes in.
"Danger! and Other Stories"
Arthur Conan Doyle
22 caliber rifles, fitted with silencers.
"The Voodoo Gold Trail"
Walter Walden
There wasn't a sound of our firing, of course, on account of the silencers.
"The Voodoo Gold Trail"
Walter Walden

Famous quotes with Silencers

  • Richards remembered the day - that glorious and terrible day - watching the planes slam into the towers, the image repeated in endless loops. The fireballs, the bodies falling, the liquefaction of a billion tons of steel and concrete, the pillowing clouds of dust. The money shot of the new millennium, the ultimate reality show broadcast 24-7. Richards had been in Jakarta when it happened, he couldn't even remember why. He'd thought it right then; no, he'd felt it, right down to his bones. A pure, unflinching rightness. You had to give the military something to do of course, or they'd all just fucking shoot each other. But from that day forward, the old way of doing things was over. The war - the real war, the one that had been going on for a thousand years and would go on for a thousand thousand more - the war between Us and Them, between the Haves and the Have-Nots, between my gods and your gods, whoever you are - would be fought by men like Richards: men with faces you didn't notice and couldn't remember, dressed as busboys or cab drivers or mailmen, with silencers tucked up their sleeves. It would be fought by young mothers pushing ten pounds of C-4 in baby strollers and schoolgirls boarding subways with vials of sarin hidden in their Hello Kitty backpacks. It would be fought out of the beds of pickup trucks and blandly anonymous hotel rooms near airports and mountain caves near nothing at all; it would be waged on train platforms and cruise ships, in malls and movie theaters and mosques, in country and in city, in darkness and by day. It would be fought in the name of Allah or Kurdish nationalism or Jews for Jesus or the New York Yankees - the subjects hadn't changed, they never would, all coming down, after you'd boiled away the bullshit, to somebody's quarterly earnings report and who got to sit where - but now the war was everywhere, metastasizing like a million maniac cells run amok across the planet, and everyone was in it.
    Justin Cronin

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