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A damper is a device that reduces or restricts movement or action in some way. Some synonyms for damper could include suppressor, restrainer or inhibitor. A suppressor keeps something from reaching its full potential or output, like a muffler on a car exhaust. A restrainer limits movement, like a brake on a bicycle. An inhibitor slows down or stops a chemical reaction, like a preservative added to food. Other synonyms for damper might include hinderer, blocker or obstacle, all of which suggest something that gets in the way or makes progress difficult. In any case, a damper is something to be overcome, whether it's physical, emotional or creative.

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A damper is a device that is used to reduce the noise made by an engine. It is installed in an exhaust system near the engine, and the throttles of the engine are closed or opened to control the flow of air and fluid through the engine.

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