What is another word for silva?

Pronunciation: [sˈɪlvə] (IPA)

Silva is a Latin word that refers to a wooded or forested area. It is often used in plant taxonomy and geography, as well as in literature and poetry. Synonyms for silva include woodland, forest, trees, grove, and copse. These words convey a sense of beauty, majesty, and abundance, as well as the potential for exploration, adventure, and solitude. Silva is often associated with environmental conservation, ecology, and sustainability, as it represents the natural world and its intrinsic value. Whether used in scientific or poetic contexts, silva is a versatile and evocative term that captures the spirit of nature and its wonders.

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      silvan, SALVA.

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Usage examples for Silva

The eyelids of Pinto silva narrowed at the reference to Maisie White and he was on the point of remarking that he had just left her, but changed his mind.
"Jack O' Judgment"
Edgar Wallace
He turned to Pinto silva, whose face was set and hard.
"Jack O' Judgment"
Edgar Wallace
It isn't going to be like young Spillsbury-Pinto silva could have done that job without help-or Solomon White even.
"Jack O' Judgment"
Edgar Wallace

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