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Silver is a lustrous, metallic element with the chemical symbol Ag. It is often used for jewelry, coins, and silverware. Some synonyms for the word 'silver' include 'argent', 'argentum', 'gray', 'grizzled', 'hoary', 'mercurial', and 'silvery'. The term 'argent' comes from the Latin word 'argentum' and is often used in artistic descriptions to convey the gleaming beauty of silver. The words 'gray', 'grizzled', and 'hoary' are used to describe the color of silver when it tarnishes. 'Mercurial' refers to the quicksilver-like nature of silver, while 'silvery' is often used as a straightforward synonym for the word 'silver'.

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Silver is a precious and base metal that derives its luster from being in contact with other elements (typically gold) over time. Silver is used in coins, jewelry, pipelines and other industrial applications. The metal has numerous uses outside of industry, including photography, the printed word and fine art.

Silver has been used for currency and jewelry for thousands of years, and has become more popular in recent years as a precious metal. It has a low reactivity, making it ideal for industrial applications, and a high atomic weight (68.3), giving it a higher resistance to corrosion.

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