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Sissoo, also known as Indian rosewood, is a common tree species found in South Asia. It is known for its durable, hard, and heavy wood, which is widely used for construction, furniture, and musical instruments. There are several synonyms for the word "sissoo," including Dalbergia sissoo, Indian Dalbergia, and Shisham. In Hindi, it is called "Shisham," while in Bengali, it is referred to as "Sheesham." In addition, some other regional names for sissoo include Punjab Sheesham, Ratnagiri Rosewood, Moradabad Rosewood, and Hariharan Rosewood. Regardless of the name, sissoo is highly valued for its unique properties and diverse uses in various industries.

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    One of Korea's most popular street foods, sissoo is a savory snack that is usually made from ground pork, seasoned with seasalt and MSG, and then deep-fried. Generally, sissoo is served as an appetizer or main course, and can be eaten with a variety of dipping sauces. In terms of flavor, sissoo can be either salty or sweet, depending on the sauce used.

    In Korea, sissoo is most commonly found at street food stalls and food carts, but it is also available at some Korean restaurants.

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