What is another word for skeletal muscle?

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Skeletal muscle, also known as striated muscle, is a type of muscle tissue that is attached to bones and allows for voluntary movement. There are several synonyms for skeletal muscle, including striated muscle, voluntary muscle, somatic muscle, and musculus striatus. These terms all refer to the same type of muscle tissue, which is characterized by its striped appearance under a microscope due to the arrangement of its contractile units called sarcomeres. Skeletal muscles are responsible for movement, stability, and posture, and are involved in activities such as walking, running, lifting weights, and even breathing. Understanding the synonyms for skeletal muscle can help deepen our knowledge of human anatomy and physiology.

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    Skeletal muscle (or skeletal muscle fibers) are the principal muscle cells in the body. They are smaller than other cells, and they can contract rapidly to produce movement.

    These muscle cells are arranged in bundles called fibers. Each fiber is made up of several million cells that can all contract at the same time. When the muscle contracts, it creates force.

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