What is another word for skiagraph?

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[ skˈa͡ɪəɡɹˌaf], [ skˈa‍ɪəɡɹˌaf], [ s_k_ˈaɪ_ə_ɡ_ɹ_ˌa_f]

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    Synonyms for Skiagraph:

    How to use "Skiagraph" in context?

    Are you an amateur photographer? Do you love skiing? Then you are likely a skiagraph! A skiagraph is a photographic representation of a ski run or downhill ski jump.

    Skiagraphs can be created from skiers on the slopes or from snow plows clearing the trails. The photograph can be anything from a snapshot of a rider in mid-air to a detailed rendering of the entire course.

    There is something about watching skiers zip by on a smooth sheet of snow that is exhilarating. Capturing that excitement on paper or film allows other skiers and snow enthusiasts to enjoy the experience at a later date.

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