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Shade is a word that means protecting oneself from harsh light or heat. Synonyms for shade include shadow, shelter, protection, cover, shield, canopy, awning, and veil. Shadow is used to describe an area where light is blocked. Shelter refers to a structure that gives protection from the weather. Protection is used to describe something that keeps one safe from danger. Cover is used to describe something that protects by covering up. Shield refers to something that serves as a defense. Canopy refers to a roof-like covering. Awning is used to describe a cover that extends from a building. Veil is a fine layer that partially or completely covers something.

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Sunlight is the lifeblood of plants, providing the energy they need to grow and photosynthesize. While sunlight is essential for plants, too much exposure can be damaging. Plants evolved to use a variety of signals to protect themselves from damage, including producing protective layers called "shades".

Shades can be made from a variety of materials, including leaves, petals, and stems. They are often highly intricate and colorful, and serve a number of purposes for plants. First, they provide protection from the sun's harmful radiation.

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