What is another word for skidder?

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Skidder is a word that refers to a person or a machine that is used to drag or pull heavy objects along the ground. There are various synonyms for the term skidder that can be used to describe a similar action such as puller, tumbler, hauler, slider, and lugger. Each of these words represents a different type of action and can be used interchangeably depending upon the context of the sentence. Skidder synonyms can be used to depict various activities in industries like agriculture, construction, and logging. These words not only enhance the vocabulary but also provide a deeper insight into the language and the context of the situation.

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    Skidder, which is short form for "single axle loader," is a specialized tractor with a front-mounted bucket that is mounted on a three-point hitch and powered by a tractor tractor engine. It is used to load and unload cargo from a truck bed. The skidder bucket is hydraulically powered and can move independently of the tractor.

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