What is another word for skimpier?

Pronunciation: [skˈɪmpɪə] (IPA)

"Skimpier" is an adjective that refers to something being less abundant, lavish, or ample, often with a connotation of being inadequate or insufficient. Synonyms for "skimpier" may include words like "scarcer", which highlights a lack or shortage of something. Other options could be "meager", indicating a small amount or portion, or "scant", implying a bare minimum or insufficient quantity. Additionally, "sparser" can be used to describe something being less dense or less full, while "thinner" may connote a reduced volume or thickness. These synonyms can allow for greater variation when describing situations or objects that lack the desired quantity or quality.

What are the opposite words for skimpier?

Skimpier means lacking in material or being inadequate in size or quality. Its antonyms are plentiful, generous, lavish, and ample. These words suggest abundance or excess rather than insufficiency. For instance, a plentiful meal is one that is abundant in quantity and variety, while a lavish gift is one that is extravagant and excessively generous. On the other hand, a skimpier meal may be insufficient in quantity or quality, while a skimpy dress may be inadequate in coverage or size. In essence, skimpier implies a shortcoming to a degree, while its antonyms indicate an abundance or excess.

What are the antonyms for Skimpier?

Usage examples for Skimpier

The stain she eliminated entirely by cutting out the front panel and wearing it skimpier.
"The Vertical City"
Fannie Hurst
At the last second it had seemed to me that the scenery was getting skimpier, hardly more than thin trees and bushes itself, and underfoot feeling more like ground than a ground cloth, and overhead not theater roof but gray sky.
"No Great Magic"
Fritz Reuter Leiber
Oxen will get along on skimpier grass, but they're slow.
"The Lost Wagon"
James Arthur Kjelgaard

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