What is another word for Skimping?

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Skimping is often used to describe the act of cutting corners or being frugal. However, there are many other synonyms that can also be used to describe this behavior. These include scrimping, economizing, penny-pinching, and being parsimonious. Other words that can be used to describe skimping include being stingy, miserly, or tightfisted. While these words may convey a negative connotation, there are also positive synonyms to describe skimping. For example, words like resourceful, thrifty, or prudent can also be used to describe the act of skimping, but in a positive light. Whatever synonym one chooses to use, the act of skimping is often necessary in order to save money or resources.

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    When it comes to healthy eating, most people would agree that it's important to vary your intake of nutrients to keep your body from getting bored. For some people though, this might not always be possible or affordable. This is where Skimping comes into play. Skimping means to cut back on a food or beverage to the bare minimum. It can be done to save money or to lose weight.

    When skimping on food, you're usually looking to save on portions. For example, instead of eating an entire bag of chips, you might only eat a few.

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