What is another word for slask?

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[ slˈask], [ slˈask], [ s_l_ˈa_s_k]

Synonyms for Slask:

How to use "Slask" in context?

A stout, refreshing lager that is inexpensive and easy to find, slask is loved by beer connoisseurs and newcomers alike. Its simple recipe yields a beer that is crisp and easy to drink, perfect for any occasion.

Craft brewers are always searching for new ingredients and brewing styles to add to their repertoire, and that's certainly the case with slask. Made with lightly carbonated water and a solid malt bill, this beer is spicy with a lovely hoppy finish. Brewed in the tradition of the Czech lager brewing tradition, slask is a refreshing, easy-drinking option that can be enjoyed by all.

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