What is another word for slat?

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The word "slat" refers to a long, thin piece of wood, metal, or plastic that is used to form a surface or support structure, usually in a horizontal or angled arrangement. Synonyms for the word "slat" include "lath," "strip," "bar," "board," "plank," "beam," "brace," "rafter," "joist," and "batten." These words are often used interchangeably, depending on the context and the specific application of the surface or structure being built or used. Whether you are constructing a fence, creating a piece of furniture, or installing a ceiling, there are a variety of synonyms for "slat" that can help you describe and communicate your ideas more effectively.

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    The word 'slat' refers to a narrow strip of wood or metal used in making shutters, furniture, and other items. The antonyms of this word are words that represent things that are opposite to slats. One antonym of the word 'slat' is 'solid,' which represents something that is not made up of narrow strips but instead is a complete object. Another antonym is 'bend,' which suggests something that doesn't have a straight and rigid form but rather curves and twists. 'Flexibility' and 'softness' are also antonyms of 'slat' as they represent things that are pliable and yielding instead of being stiff and hard.

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    The lower board of this slat partition should not be more than three inches wide and should rest upon the ground so the birds can readily feed over it.
    "Natural and Artificial Duck Culture"
    James Rankin
    Has that slat-eyed, flat-headed, sun-sapped sneak of a Scotchman been complaining of my work?
    "Nan of Music Mountain"
    Frank H. Spearman
    Yes, a violent man, Doctor always was; and, too, he was dreadful put out at the way the man got hurt,- reaching out of his buggy to slat his neighbor's cow, just because he had a spite against him.
    "Melody The Story of a Child"
    Laura E. Richards

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