What is another word for smiler?

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There are many synonyms for the word "smiler", which is a person who smiles frequently or easily. Some of the most common synonyms for smiler include grinner, beamish, and cheerful. Other synonyms include mirthful, jolly, gleeful, and happy-go-lucky. Some less common synonyms include smirkster, simperer, and smugger. While all of these words describe people who smile often, each one has its own unique connotations and nuance. For example, someone who is described as a "grinner" might be seen as particularly expressive or infectious with their smiles, while a "smugger" might be seen as insincere or arrogant in their smiles.

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Usage examples for Smiler

I arranged a pretty scene of confusion in my room, open window, things all thrown about,-just as it would look if I had been having a lark; left the light burning, went and borrowed this soulful smiler, and treated it a little,-no, Colney knows nothing about it; no use in getting her into trouble; then I took my mosquito-netting mantle, and hid in the broom-closet near my door.
Laura E. Richards
The Whale's name was smiler, and the Mariner was called Mr. Henry Albert Bivvens, A.B. The little 'Stute Fish is hiding under the Whale's tummy, or else I would have drawn him.
"Just So Stories"
Rudyard Kipling
McGregor brought the bottle and was on the point of forcing the helpless smiler to open his mouth, when the bottle was sent flying out of his hands and he staggered back against the counter from a blow on the side of the face from Phil's fist.
"The Spoilers of the Valley"
Robert Watson

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