What is another word for phiz?

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[ fˈɪz], [ fˈɪz], [ f_ˈɪ_z]

The word 'phiz' is a slang term for someone's face. However, other synonyms exist that can be used instead of 'phiz'. Some of these synonyms include 'countenance', 'visage', 'mug', 'physiognomy' and 'mien'. The word 'countenance' is a rather formal synonym of 'phiz' that refers to one's facial expression, bearing and attitude. Meanwhile, 'visage' is more poetic in tone and refers to one's facial features, usually emphasizing their beauty or ugliness. 'Mug' is a slang word like 'phiz' and is used interchangeably with it. 'Physiognomy' refers to the general appearance of one's face, while 'mien' pertains to one's overall demeanor or appearance.

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The word "phiz" can be found in the Oxford English Dictionary, although there is limited information about its etymology. The word likely derives from the Old Frenchphis, meaning "a fig," which led to its usage as a noun meaning a figure or representation. Phizmars were phiz drawings, or sketches, made of objects or people to be used as guides for painting.

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