What is another word for snow-covered?

Pronunciation: [snˈə͡ʊkˈʌvəd] (IPA)

Snow-covered is a phrase commonly used to describe an object or landscape that is covered in a layer of snow. However, there are many additional ways to describe this wintery phenomenon. Other synonyms include snow-blanketed, snow-clad, and snow-drifted. Snow-packed, snow-dusted, snow-mantled, and snow-glazed are additional alternatives. For a more poetic description, one could use snow-laden or even snow-enveloped to convey a feeling of being wrapped in the soft white blanket. Ultimately, the appropriate synonym will depend on the context and tone of the writing or conversation, but these alternatives can help prevent repetitive language and add variety to the vocabulary.

Synonyms for Snow-covered:

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What are the hypernyms for Snow-covered?

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  • Other hypernyms:

    snow-clad, snow-white, snow-blanketed, snow-topped, snow-draped, snow-streaked.

What are the opposite words for snow-covered?

Antonyms for the word "snow-covered" refer to areas that aren't covered with snow. Some antonyms for snow-covered are snow-free, bare, clear, icy, and hard. Snow-free refers to an area where there is no snow present. Bare indicates that it's free of any covering or hiding. Clear is an antonym that suggests that something is free from obstruction or is transparent. Icy is the quality of being covered with ice. Hard implies a firm or solid surface without any cover or topping. These words might be used to describe a mountain or a city street during different seasons or after snow removal.

What are the antonyms for Snow-covered?

  • adj.


Famous quotes with Snow-covered

  • Kilimanjaro is a snow-covered mountain 19,710 feet high, and is said to be the highest mountain in Africa. Its western summit is called by the Masai "Ngàje Ngài," the House of God. Close to the western summit there is the dried and frozen carcass of a leopard. No one has explained what the leopard was seeking at that altitude.
    Ernest Hemingway
  • The clangor of the swords had died away, the shouting of the slaughter was hushed; silence lay on the red-stained snow. The bleak pale sun that glittered so blindingly from the ice-fields and the snow-covered plains struck sheens of silver from rent corselet and broken blade, where the dead lay as they had fallen. The nerveless hand yet gripped the broken hilt; helmeted heads back-drawn in the death-throes, tilted red beards and golden beards grimly upward, as if in last invocation to Ymir the frost-giant, god of a warrior-race...
    Robert E. Howard

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