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Snowy is often used to describe landscapes or surroundings covered in snow. It can also be used to describe the weather or conditions when snow is falling. Synonyms for snowy include wintry, snow-covered, snow-clad, snowy-white, and frosty. Other words that can be used to describe snowy conditions are blizzard, sleet, and slushy. These different words can be used to add variety and depth to a piece of writing when describing snowy environments. Whether referring to snow-covered hillsides or a blustery snowstorm, utilizing different synonyms for snowy can make one's writing more descriptive and engaging.

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How to use "Snowy" in context?

"snowy" is one very special dog. She loves spending time outside and playing in the snow. She is very active and always has something to do. Her favorite pastime is playing catch with her owners. Snowy is a bundle of energy and loves to be around people. She is always ready for a game of fetch and loves to cuddle.

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