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Societal is an adjective that refers to anything that pertains to or affects a whole society or community. Some synonyms for societal include social, communal, collective, public, and community-based. Social implies a connection between people, whereas communal refers to shared ownership or participation in something. Collective denotes shared efforts, resources, or responsibilities. Public suggests something that is accessible, funded, or managed by the government. Community-based describes things that are locally focused and influenced by residents. Overall, these synonyms emphasize the importance of social connections, shared responsibilities, and a sense of belonging to a broader group or entity.

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Society is a complex entity that has evolved over time. It is the group of people who share a common environment and culture. There are many different types of societies, including traditional societies, modern societies, and post-modern societies. Societies can be divided into three types: kin based societies, exchange based societies, and tribal societies. Kin based societies are based on family relations. Exchange based societies are based on trade. Tribal societies are based on kinship and descent. All three types of societies have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Traditional societies are based on kinship. Families are the main social unit.

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