What is another word for polished?

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Polished is a word that indicates something smooth, refined, and elegant. It is often used to describe a certain look and feel of an object, a surface or a person. Synonyms for polished could include words like sleek, refined, smooth, buffed, burnished, gleaming, lustrous, glossy, shined, honed, perfected, or finished. All of these words indicate that something has been expertly shined or honed to look its best, and that it exudes quality and class. Whether it pertains to physical objects or individuals, being polished is always a positive attribute and an indication of professionalism and excellence.

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What are the opposite words for polished?

Polished refers to something sleek, shiny, and refined. Its antonyms are words that mean mottled, uneven, and rough. Some antonyms of polished are raw, rough, unrefined, dull, muted, and tarnished. Raw is the opposite of polished as it refers to something that is uncooked or in a natural state. Rough is the antonym of polished because it means coarse and uneven. Unrefined means basic or uncultured and is the opposite of polished. Dull is the opposite of polished because it refers to something that lacks shine or is boring. Muted is the antonym of polished as it means dull or subdued in color. Lastly, tarnished refers to something that has lost its polished shine due to wear and tear.

What are the antonyms for Polished?

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