What is another word for sorgho?

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[ sˈɔːɡə͡ʊ], [ sˈɔːɡə‍ʊ], [ s_ˈɔː_ɡ_əʊ]

Sorgho, also known as sorghum, is a cereal grain that is widely cultivated for its edible seeds. This versatile grain is used in a variety of dishes, from porridge and soups to bread and beer. In different parts of the world, sorgho is known by different names, such as kaoliang in China, jowar in India, and milo in the United States. Other synonyms for sorgho include durra, kafir corn, and great millet. Despite the different names, sorgho remains a valuable crop that provides food and economic benefits to many communities.

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    sorgho, or Chinese sugar-cane, is raised much as Indian corn-only, it will bear some ten or twelve stalks in a hill, instead of three or four.
    "Soil Culture"
    J. H. Walden
    The question is settled that imphee and sorgho will make good sugar in abundance.
    "Soil Culture"
    J. H. Walden

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