What is another word for spectroscopic?

Pronunciation: [spˌɛktɹəskˈɒpɪk] (IPA)

When it comes to the word "spectroscopic," there are a few synonyms that can be used interchangeably. For example, "spectral" is a word that can be used to describe anything related to spectra or the measurement of light. Another synonym is "spectrometric," which is used to describe measurements that are made using a spectrometer, a device that is used to detect and measure different types of light. Additionally, "spectral analysis" can be used to describe the process of analyzing light spectra with the goal of gaining insights into the chemical or physical properties of a material. Overall, there are several different words that can be used in place of the word "spectroscopic," depending on the context of the conversation.

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Usage examples for Spectroscopic

spectroscopic analysis of the light from the stars, which are suns many of them much greater than our own, shows that they are of various ages-some quite young, some arrived at maturity, and some passing into old age.
"The Law and the Word"
Thomas Troward
They have the same structure and the same chemical composition; they have the same physical properties, the glow, the fire, and the brilliancy of our spectroscopic gratings.
"The Mechanism of Life"
Stéphane Leduc
They may be there, probably are there, but the spectroscopic proof of their presence is more difficult to obtain.
"A Text-Book of Astronomy"
George C. Comstock

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