What is another word for spurge?

Pronunciation: [spˈɜːd͡ʒ] (IPA)

Spurge, commonly known as a weed, belongs to the genus Euphorbia, which has over 2,000 species. Synonyms for this plant include Petty Spurge, Garden Spurge, Prostrate Spurge, Milkweed, and Snake Milk. The various species of spurge can range from small, herbaceous plants to shrubs, and some can even grow into large trees. The plants are characterized by milky sap, which can be toxic to humans and animals in large quantities. Spurges are often found in disturbed soils, such as agricultural fields, gardens, and along roadsides. Despite being considered a weed, some species of spurge have medicinal value and are used in traditional alternative medicine.

What are the hypernyms for Spurge?

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What are the hyponyms for Spurge?

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  • hyponyms for spurge (as nouns)

What are the holonyms for Spurge?

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Usage examples for Spurge

Bitter as spurge was that old story of hers now, and bitterer still the only moral lesson it now appeared to her to have.
"The Story of Louie"
Oliver Onions
By-and-by, the path emerging from the wood shelved along a green hillside, where bracken and golden spurge clothed the little hollows, while wild wall-flower, Jacob's Ladder, and a large purple cranes-bill brightened the slopes where happy cattle, but lately released from their winter's imprisonment, were feeding greedily on the young green grass.
"A Holiday in the Happy Valley with Pen and Pencil"
T. R. Swinburne
The thrift, sea lavender, rocket, sea campion, and maritime spurge did not descend so low as this.
"Waiting for Daylight"
Henry Major Tomlinson

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