What is another word for stimulate?

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Stimulate is a commonly used word, and therefore, it's important to know its synonyms to avoid repetition. Some of the synonyms for stimulate include inspire, encourage, incite, provoke, arouse, exhilarate, trigger, and awaken. Each of these words carries a slightly different connotation, allowing for a more nuanced meaning to be conveyed. Inspire suggests a sense of creativity or a newfound passion, while encourage is more about building confidence. Incite is often used in more negative contexts, implying an urge towards violence or rebellion. Provoking can imply a strong emotional reaction, while arousing can apply to both physical and mental stimulation. Exhilarate is about boosting energy and excitement, while triggering is more about bringing about a specific response. Awaken suggests a sudden realization or a reawakening of passion or drive.

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    Stimulate - adjective: causing (a person, place, or thing) to become active or vital; exciting

    Stimulate the economy by starting businesses!

    Stimulate the mind with new ideas!

    Stimulate the body with exercise!

    Stimulate the emotions with love!

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