What is another word for stepdaughter?

Pronunciation: [stˈɛpdɔːtə] (IPA)

Stepdaughter is a term used to refer to a daughter that is not one's biological child, but rather the child of a spouse from a previous relationship. However, there are alternative phrases that can be used to describe a stepdaughter, such as "daughter-in-law" or "adopted daughter". Additionally, "bonus daughter" has become a popular term to describe a stepdaughter, emphasizing the positive relationship between the two individuals. Other synonyms for stepdaughter can include "family member" or simply "daughter", depending on the nature of the relationship. The use of these synonyms can help to create a more inclusive and accepting environment for blended families.

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Usage examples for Stepdaughter

Not being a swimmer, his life was for some minutes in the greatest danger; but fortunately for him his stepdaughter, Miss Rosalind Nightingale, whose daring and brilliant feats in swimming have been for some weeks past the admiration and envy of all the visitors to the bathing quarter of this most attractive of south-coast watering-places, was close at hand, and without a moment's hesitation plunged in to his rescue.
"Somehow Good"
William de Morgan
You would be the stepdaughter."
"Somehow Good"
William de Morgan
Between this stepdaughter and Meyer there was considerable litigation over her property.
Beatrice Fortescue

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