What is another word for stepsister?

Pronunciation: [stˈɛpsɪstə] (IPA)

In the English language, there are various synonyms or alternative words used for the term "stepsister." Some commonly used synonyms include "blended sister," "half-sister," "non-blood-related sister," "family-merged sister," and "demi-sister." These terms are often used to describe a sibling who is not related by blood but shares a familial bond due to their parents' marriage or partnership. While each of these words is used to describe the same relationship, they may differ in their connotation and context, depending on the speaker's perspective. Overall, these synonyms provide greater flexibility in language and enable individuals to express themselves more effectively.

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Usage examples for Stepsister

Delia More's stepsister, Jennie Crapwell, had been betrothed to a carpenter of Friendship, and he was at work on their house when, a month before the wedding-day, Delia and that young carpenter had "run away."
"Friendship Village"
Zona Gale
She had, as she conceived, done a noble deed by allowing her stepsister and her boy to take up their abode with her.
"Little Miss Joy"
Emma Marshall
Not only was marriage forbidden with a mother, with any wife or concubine of the father, with a sister, a daughter, or granddaughter, a widowed daughter-in-law; but also with an aunt on the father's or mother's side, with a stepsister, or sister by marriage, with a sister-in-law, or wife's sister so long as the wife lived.
"The History of Antiquity, Vol. II (of VI)"
Max Duncker

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