What is another word for sterilisation?

Pronunciation: [stˌɛɹɪla͡ɪzˈe͡ɪʃən] (IPA)

Sterilisation refers to the process of removing all microbial life from a surface, object or substance. It is a crucial procedure in health-care facilities, food processing plants, laboratories and more. There are several synonyms to describe the process of sterilisation that can be used interchangeably, including disinfection, decontamination, purification, sanitisation, and pasteurisation. Disinfection refers to the process of eliminating pathogens, while decontamination removes harmful substances from an area or object. Purification is the process of removing impurities from an object or substance. Sanitisation involves cleaning to reduce bacteria to safe levels while pasteurisation is the process of heat treatment used to destroy pathogens in food and medical products. These synonyms are useful for understanding the different aspects of sterilisation.

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Usage examples for Sterilisation

This secret terrorism is a national calamity, for it procures the sterilisation of the English novel.
"A Novelist on Novels"
W. L. George
Terrible theories of doomed incurable sin and predestined loss warned her that an evil stock will only beget contamination: the children of the mad must be liable to madness; the children of the depraved, bent towards depravity; the seed of the poison-plant springs up to blast and ruin, only to be overcome by uprooting and sterilisation, or by the judicious grafting, the patient training of many years.
"Emily Brontë"
A. Mary F. (Agnes Mary Frances) Robinson
The object of German sanitarians seems to have been to obtain practically instantaneous sterilisation of water for the use of travellers and troops in the field.
"Chlorination of Water"
Joseph Race

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