What is another word for cleansing?

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Cleansing is a process of getting rid of impurities or unwanted substances from something. Synonyms for the word cleansing include purify, detoxify, disinfect, sanitize, and scour. Purify is used when referring to making something pure or clean, and it can also mean spiritually cleanse. Detoxify is the complete removal of toxins and can be used when talking about a specific organ or the whole body. Disinfect is to clean something to destroy germs or bacteria. Sanitize is to keep something clean to prevent germs from spreading. Scour means to clean something thoroughly by scrubbing, and it is commonly used to clean kitchen surfaces and cookware.

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    Cleansing is the act of removing unwanted substances or contaminants from the body. The process of cleansing can be performed through the use of water, organic matter, and/or minerals. Cleansing can be performed weekly, monthly, annually, or whenever the body feels the need for purification. There are many types of cleansing techniques, but the most common are bath, shower, and soap. Bath and shower cleanses help remove dirt, sweat, sebum, dead skin cells, and pollutants from the skin and hair. Soap cleanses the skin of oil, sweat, and dirt.

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