What is another word for stet?

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The word "stet" is commonly used in proofreading and editing to indicate that a correction made to a text should be ignored and the original wording should be retained. Alternatively, there are several synonyms that can be used in place of "stet" depending on the context, including "leave as is," "retain," "keep unchanged," or "do not alter." These synonyms can be useful in situations where the word "stet" may not be commonly understood or in cases where a more formal or professional tone is required. However, regardless of the wording used, it is important to always clearly communicate editing decisions to ensure accurate and effective communication.

How to use "Stet" in context?

Stet is a new optical communications technology that promises to revolutionize long-distance communications. Stet is based on the principles of passive optical network (PON) technology and uses infra-red transmission to optical networks.

The advantages of Stet over other optical communications technologies include the following:

-Low transmission cost

-Very high capacity

-High data transfer rates

-Reduced network lifetime and latency

Stet offers potential advantages over current optical communications technologies such as fiber-optic cable, radio-frequency (RF) transmission and optical wireless networks (OWINs).

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