What is another word for studhorse?

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[ stˈʌdhɔːs], [ stˈʌdhɔːs], [ s_t_ˈʌ_d_h_ɔː_s]

Studhorse is a term used to refer to a male horse that is used for breeding purposes. If you are looking for synonyms for the term "studhorse," you could use words like stallion, sire, or stallion horse. Other terms that could be used include stallion stud, breeding stallion, or stud sire. Additionally, terms like breeding horse, reproductive horse, or breeding stallion can also be used. Regardless of the term you choose to use, it is essential to note that these words refer to a male horse that is used mostly for breeding purposes and is often a dominant presence on a stud farm.

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    How to use "Studhorse" in context?

    A studhorse is a type of horse that is used for breeding. They are usually taller and heavier than other breeds of horse, and have a longer neck and head. They are used to produce horses that have qualities like size, weight, strength, and stamina that are desirable for saddle horses, race horses, and other types of horses.

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