What is another word for stylopharyngeus?

Pronunciation: [stˌa͡ɪləfɑːɹˈɪnd͡ʒɪəs] (IPA)

The stylopharyngeus is a muscle located in the throat that helps with swallowing and speech. There are a few synonyms for this muscle, including the stylopharyngeal muscle, pharyngostyloid muscle, and stylopharyngus muscle. These terms are often used interchangeably to refer to the same muscle. Understanding the anatomy of this muscle is important for medical professionals who work with patients who have difficulties with swallowing or speech. The stylopharyngeus muscle originates from the styloid process of the temporal bone and inserts into the pharynx. It's one of several important muscles that work together to ensure proper function of the throat and esophagus.

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