What is another word for subsidence?

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The word subsidence refers to the sinking or settling of land or a structure on it, leading to a depression or cavity. While it is often used in geological or architectural contexts, it can also describe a gradual decrease or decline in intensity or quantity. There are several synonyms for subsidence, including settling, sinking, collapse, compression, and depression. Other words that can convey a similar meaning include shrinkage, drop, slump, deterioration, and decay. Depending on the context, different synonyms of subsidence can help convey the precise degree and nature of the phenomenon being described.

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    Subsidence is the gradual sinking and tilting of the Earth's surface caused by the weight of overlying rocks and soil. It can be a slow process, or sudden and catastrophic. Subsidence can occur in any location, but is most common in linear deforests, coal mines, and oil fields. Subsidence affects the environment by altering the surface morphology, groundwater flow, and land use.

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