What is another word for suffrage?

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Suffrage is the right to vote in public elections, and it has been a topic of interest and struggle for many people throughout history. There are many synonyms for suffrage, including enfranchisement, electoral rights, voting rights, and franchise. These different words all refer to the same basic idea of being able to participate in the democratic process. However, each word may carry its own unique connotations or historical context. For instance, enfranchisement emphasizes the idea of being granted a right that was previously denied, while franchise has a more commercial or business-oriented origin. Regardless of which word you choose, the importance of suffrage and the fight for it remain unchanged.

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How to use "Suffrage" in context?

Suffrage is the right to vote in elections. The word is derived from the Latin word suffragium, meaning "right of suffrage." In ancient Rome, voting rights were granted to certain male citizens who had reached the legal age of 21. Over the years, the right to vote has been extended to include women and other groups.

Suffrage is a fundamental human rights issue. It is important for citizens to have the right to vote because it is their voice that will be heard in the political process. This prevents the powerful from abusing their power and forcing their views on the rest of the population.

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