What is another word for election?

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Elections are at the forefront of democratic processes worldwide and necessitate great terminology to articulate the nuances of electoral processes. Synonyms for the word "election" allow those who study, report or participate in electoral processes, to have a vast and diverse range of language to choose from. Terms like ballot, vote, poll, decision, selection, choice, and appointment all refer to some aspect of the electoral process. Additionally, terms such as nomination, referendum, plebiscite, and primary are also variations of the electoral process and form part of the gamut of language required to communicate various electoral activities. The use of these synonyms or variations are key to addressing the complexity and diversity that occurs in electoral processes globally.

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    In American politics, an election is a political contest in which citizens who are registered to vote in a certain territory choose representatives to vote on laws and policies. The primary elections are elections in which voters choose representatives who will run in the general election.

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