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Sunni is a term used to describe the largest branch of Islam. It is an Arabic word that means "tradition" or "custom". Synonyms for Sunni include the Ahl al-Sunna or Ahl al-Sunnah, which also refer to the same group. Another synonym is Hanafite, which stems from the number of followers of Abu Hanifa, who was one of the greatest teachers of Sunni Islamic law. Additionally, Sunnite and Sunni Muslim are also commonly used terms that refer to followers of Sunni Islam. Other synonyms for this term may include members of the Sunni school of Islamic thought, as well as adherents of the Sunni sect or denomination.

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Sunni Muslims are the largest denomination of Islam. They make up around eighty-percent of the 1.6 billion Muslims in the world. Sunni Muslims follow the Quran and the sunna, or teachings of the Prophet Muhammad. Sunni Muslims believe that Muhammad was the only messenger of God and that God is one. Sunni Muslims also pray towards the east, as does the Prophet Muhammad.

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      sunnite, Sunnites.
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      Sunita, flames.
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