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Sunna is a term used in Islamic culture to refer to the actions and sayings of Prophet Muhammad. It is an essential part of the Islamic faith and is considered a source of guidance for Muslims all over the world. Some synonyms for Sunna that could be used include the Prophet's sayings, the Prophet's actions, the Prophet's teachings, and the Prophet's guidance. All of these terms convey the same idea of the importance of following the example set by Prophet Muhammad in one's daily life, and keeping his teachings and actions in mind as a guide to living a pious and righteous life.

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How to use "Sunna" in context?

The word "Sunna" (صنعة) means "customs or tradition." The Muslims believe that the Islamic prophet Muhammad's very words and actions embody the best traditions and customs that Islam has to offer. Muslims consider the Qur'an and the sunna to be the perfect, complete revelation from God. The sunna includes everything that Muhammad did, said, and approved of. The sunna is a living, organic tradition that continutes to be perfected through revelation, analogy, and consensus. It is the basis of Islamic law.

Muslims have a wide range of opinions as to what constitutes proper sunna.

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      flames, Zuna.
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      sunni, Sunnis.

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