What is another word for superfamily?

Pronunciation: [sˌuːpəfˈamɪli] (IPA)

The term "superfamily" is used to describe a group of related organisms or genes that share common characteristics and ancestry. Synonyms for this word can include "clade," "group," "family," "order," "taxon," or "cohort."These words all refer to categories used in biological classification, with each implying a different level of relatedness and evolutionary history. A clade, for example, refers to a group of organisms that share a common ancestor, while a family refers to a group of organisms within an order that share common traits.Synonyms for superfamily are useful when discussing complex biological relationships and can help scientists understand the evolutionary history of different groups of organisms.

Synonyms for Superfamily:

What are the hypernyms for Superfamily?

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Usage examples for Superfamily

Without attempting to go into the technical details of structure it will suffice here to give the list of families which compose the superfamily Papilionoidea: The Parnassians.
"Butterflies Worth Knowing"
Clarence M. Weed

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