What is another word for sweet bells?

Pronunciation: [swˈiːt bˈɛlz] (IPA)

There are a number of synonyms for the phrase "sweet bells." These include chimes, peals, tolls, knells, and carillons. Each of these terms refers to the sound of a bell or bells, though they may suggest different characteristics or contexts in which the sound is heard. "Chimes" and "peals" convey a sense of joy or celebration, while "tolls" and "knells" have a more mournful connotation. "Carillons" specifically refers to multiple bells played in a melody, often in a tower or belfry. No matter the term used, the sound of bells is often considered to be a source of beauty, tranquility, and spiritual significance.

Synonyms for Sweet bells:

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Famous quotes with Sweet bells

  • Tho' lost to sight, to memory dear Thou ever wilt remain; One only hope my heart can cheer,— The hope to meet again.Oh, fondly on the past I dwell, And oft recall those hours When, wandering down the shady dell, We gathered the wild-flowers.Yes, life then seemed one pure delight, Tho' now each spot looks drear; Yet tho' thy smile be lost to sight, To memory thou art dear.Oft in the tranquil hour of night, When stars illume the sky, I gaze upon each orb of light, And wish that thou wert by.I think upon that happy time, That time so fondly loved, When last we heard the sweet bells chime, As thro' the fields we roved.
    George Linley

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