What is another word for chime?

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Chime is a word that typically refers to the sound made by a bell or a set of bells. However, there are several other synonyms that can be used to describe similar sounds or activities. Some of these synonyms include ring, toll, peal, clang, jingle, ding, and clink. These words can be used in a variety of contexts to describe different types of sounds, from the ringing of a telephone to the clinking of glasses. Additionally, some of these words can also be used as verbs to describe actions such as ringing a bell or making a sound with a metallic object.

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    Synonyms for Chime:

    What are the hypernyms for Chime?

    A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

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    What are the opposite words for chime?

    Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings to another word. The word "chime" means to make a ringing sound, usually with a bell or a clock. Some antonyms for chime are silence, stillness, quietness, whisper, and hush. Silence means the absence of sound or noise, while stillness refers to the absence of movement. Quietness means a low volume of sound, while whisper means to speak softly. Hush, on the other hand, is a command to be quiet. Antonyms are helpful in expanding our vocabulary and providing us with different options when we want to express an opposite meaning to a certain word.

    What are the antonyms for Chime?

    Usage examples for Chime

    The cards went backwards and forwards across the table to the tune of her exclamations and the chime of her laughter, the muttered oaths and exclamations of Steve and McNab.
    "The Pioneers"
    Katharine Susannah Prichard
    In his sleep Freedling still felt his black rocking-horse swinging to and fro under him, and heard the melodious chime of its bells, and, in the land of dreams, saw a great country open before him, full of the sound of the battle-cry and the hunting-horn calling him to strange perils and triumphs.
    "Moonshine & Clover"
    Laurence Housman
    Her eyes like two blue violets shone with kindliness, her golden hair fell rippling like a cloak about her, and when she spoke her voice was like the chime of silver bells.
    "The Green Forest Fairy Book"
    Loretta Ellen Brady

    Famous quotes with Chime

    • There is one thing that matters, to set a chime of words tinkling in the minds of a few fastidious people.
      Logan Pearsall Smith
    • There is one thing that matters -- to set a chime of words tinkling in the minds of a few fastidious people.
      Logan Pearsall Smith
    • The voice so sweet, the words so fair, As some soft chime had stroked the air; And, though the sound were parted thence, Still left an echo in the sense.
      Ben Jonson
    • What discordant vespers do the tinker's goods chime through the long twilight and over the brindled forest road, him stooped and hounded through the windy recrements of the day like those old exiles who divorced of corporeality and enjoined ingress of heaven or hell wander forever the middle warrens spoorless increate and anathema.
      Cormac McCarthy
    • Whether we wake or we sleep, Whether we carol or weep, The Sun with his Planets in chime, Marketh the going of Time.
      Edward FitzGerald (poet)

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