What is another word for sweetly?

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[ swˈiːtli], [ swˈiːtli], [ s_w_ˈiː_t_l_i]

Sweetly is an adverb that describes the manner in which actions are performed in a pleasant, kind or agreeable way. Synonyms for sweetly include charmingly, endearingly, kindly, lovingly, tenderly, affectionately, graciously, softly and gently. Each of these words conveys the message of sweetness and sincerity while describing subtle nuances of tone and style of delivery. For example, charmingly relates to captivating or alluring while gracefully evokes elegant movement. Softly and gently, on the other hand, have more to do with sound and touch, so they tend to describe actions that are delivered in a soothing or comforting way.

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How to use "Sweetly" in context?

Regardless of what you may think, sweet isn't always a synonym for dessert. There are many things in this world that are sweet, and some of them taste great regardless of how healthy or nutritional they may be. For example, you can enjoy a cold, refreshing grapefruit juice on a hot day. Or you can top off your morning oats with some smashed up fresh strawberries for a sweet and decadent treat. When it comes to eating sweet, there's really no right or wrong way to go about it.

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