What is another word for vilely?

Pronunciation: [vˈa͡ɪlli] (IPA)

Vilely is an adjective used to describe someone or something that is morally offensive or wicked. Some synonyms to describe this word include disgustingly, horribly, repulsively, abhorrently, revoltingly, horribly, detestably, abominably, repugnantly, and loathsomely. These words convey strong negative emotions towards a person or thing and are often used to express intense feelings of disgust or revulsion. It is important to choose the appropriate synonym for the context in which it is being used in order to effectively convey the intended meaning and emotion of the text.

What are the opposite words for vilely?

Vilely is an adverb that means to do something in a wicked or offensive way. Some antonyms for vilely might include actions performed honorably, justly, virtuously, morally, kindly, or compassionately. These are all words that represent good character and behavior. Doing something with integrity, respect, compassion, or kindness are all diametrically opposed to the connotations of vilely. To act benevolently, nobly, decently, or justly is to behave in an admirable manner. People who act with fairness, respect, and goodness are often regarded as role models. Therefore, when seeking to express the opposite of vilely, look for terms that represent moral and ethical virtue.

Usage examples for Vilely

But she had promised her father to enter it, and he insisted on her fulfilling that promise; for he believed the Count upright and honourable; yet a word from her would convince him of the contrary-would show him that he had been vilely imposed on; and, by his own acknowledgment, he would yield to her wishes, and she might be happy with the man she loved: but that word her oath forbade her to pronounce.
"The Prime Minister"
W.H.G. Kingston
He had touched pitch, and to his own conscience and imagination he had been most vilely defiled.
"Jane Oglander"
Marie Belloc Lowndes
How vilely he betrayed us.
"In Desert and Wilderness"
Henryk Sienkiewicz

Famous quotes with Vilely

  • Don't you believe people when they tell you that people sought for a sign, and believed in miracles because they were ignorant. They did it because they were wise, filthily, vilely wise—too wise to eat or sleep or put on their boots with patience.
    G. K. Chesterton

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