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The word swinging has a variety of synonyms that can be used to describe its different meanings. For example, if you want to describe someone who is having a lot of fun dancing or enjoying themselves, you may use the word "grooving", "swaying" or "rocking". On the other hand, if you mean the action of hanging or suspending from a structure, you may use the words "dangling" or "hanging". In the context of a relationship, "open" or "polyamorous" may describe a swinging lifestyle. Lastly, if you are referring to a change in mood or opinion, "fluctuating" or "oscillating" can be used. Therefore, knowing the synonyms for swinging will help you to use the most appropriate language when writing or speaking.

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How to use "Swinging" in context?

Swinging is an activity where people take hold of another person by the back of their neck, or by their hips and swing them around as if they were a child's swing. Swinging is often done together with friends, as a form of recreation or for fitness purposes.

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