What is another word for beat?

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[ b_ˈiː_t], [ bˈiːt], [ bˈiːt]

Synonyms for Beat:

arena (noun) oscillation (noun) region (noun) rumble (noun) defeat (verb) defeated (verb) excel (verb) excelled (verb) oscillate (verb) oscillated (verb) rumble (verb) rumbled (verb) Other synonyms:

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Rhymes for Beat:

  1. meet, teat, bleat, fleet, eat, cheat, feat, sheet, street, treat, feet, peat, pleat, seat, neat, greet, wheat, cleat, skeet, sweet, meat, beet, tweet, suite, mete, skeat, crete, heat;
  2. excrete, discreet, unseat, retreat, mistreat, compete, repeat, receipt, deplete, complete, offbeat, deceit, conceit, effete, petite, defeat, concrete, elite, downbeat, discrete, secrete, delete, replete;
  3. indiscreet, uncomplete, marguerite, incomplete;

Quotes for Beat:

  1. I'm off to race around the world- a race against time and two men. I know I can beat time. I hope I can beat the men. Dorothy Kilgallen.
  2. I coached against Dave the last couple of years, and I was very proud to be the first time a father ever coached against his son. He beat me for 30 minutes the first time and 59 and a half minutes the second time. Don Shula.
  3. My favorite Knicks moment was when we beat Indiana in Game 7 to reach the NBA Finals. We worked so hard as a team to reach that moment that it was very satisfying to beat Indiana and reach the Finals. John Starks.

Idioms of Beat:

  1. beat the tar out of;
  2. beat up on;
  3. beat it!;

Adjectives for Beat:

  • downward,
  • rhythmic,
  • awkward,
  • solemn,
  • first-class dead,
  • ardent prime,
  • pitifully slow and faint,
  • pitifully slow,
  • chopped fine,
  • hot and strong,
  • cosmic,
  • faint,
  • hot,
  • negative or prohibitive,
  • negative,
  • pelting wrong,
  • ordinary,
  • long,
  • dead.