What is another word for tabla?

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Tabla is a musical instrument widely used in Indian classical music and is known for its distinctive sound. While tabla is the common name for this instrument, there are other synonyms one could use to refer to it in different regions of India. For instance, in the South, tabla is referred to as "Mridangam," while in the North, it is also known as "Dayan" or "Duggi." The term "Pakhawaj" is also a synonym for the tabla and is used in the context of playing the instrument in classical dance and music forms. Regardless of the synonym used, the tabla remains an essential part of Indian music and culture.

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    If you don't know what a tabla is, it's time you found out. Tablas are sometimes called Oriental drums, because they've been used in music all over the world since ancient times. The tabla is a giant drum that is typically made out of wood, but can also be made out of metal or plastic. Tablas can have different shapes, but they all have a keyboard-like arrangement of drumheads that produce different sounds. Tablas can be played by hand, but they're more common in India and Bangladesh where they're used in traditional music.

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