What is another word for take root?

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[ tˈe͡ɪk ɹˈuːt], [ tˈe‍ɪk ɹˈuːt], [ t_ˈeɪ_k ɹ_ˈuː_t]

Take root is an idiom that means to establish oneself firmly in a particular place. There are a number of synonyms for this phrase that can give a similar meaning. One of these synonyms is to become established, which means to settle in a certain place or situation. Another synonym is to put down roots, which means to establish a permanent home or a strong connection. Other synonyms include to take hold, to become rooted, to take hold, to take firm hold, or to become entrenched. All these synonyms suggest an idea of becoming firmly established in a certain place or situation in order to thrive and grow.

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How to use "Take root" in context?

Take root = to grow and flourish

There is no greater feeling than taking root in a new environment and beginning something new. When we take root, we find ourselves blossom and grow into what we were meant to be. We find our passions and our purpose in life. To take root, we must be open to new possibilities and seize the opportunity when it comes our way.

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