What is another word for implant?

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There are numerous synonyms for the word "implant" that can be used to describe the process of placing something within a body or object. Some common synonyms include "embed," "insert," "incorporate," and "fix." Other possibilities include "plant," "impact," "infuse," and "engraft." Depending on the context and the intended meaning of the term, there may be many different synonyms that can be utilized to convey the desired message. Whether referring to a medical procedure, a technological application, or a mechanical device, precise language and accurate word choice are crucial for effective communication.

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Implant is a medical term used to refer to a device or a material that is surgically placed inside the body. It is often used to help replace missing body parts or to enhance physical functions. Antonyms for the word implant include remove, extract, dislodge, and expel. The term remove refers to the process of taking away something that has been implanted in the body. Extract, on the other hand, involves carefully removing a material or object from the body. Dislodge refers to the act of loosening or removing something from its position, while expel means to force something out. These antonyms may be used in medical contexts, such as when discussing the removal of a medical implant.

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Usage examples for Implant

Her reproaches continued through the ensuing transaction, and followed him away with stings which instinct and experience taught her how to implant in his tenderest sensibilities.
"Roman Holidays and Others"
W. D. Howells
Why, that leader must have been trying to implant a hypnotic compulsion in his mind ...
"Man of Many Minds"
E. Everett Evans
Bessie leaned forward and tried to implant some notion of Jeff's character and personality in her aunt's mind.
"The Landlord at Lion's Head, Complete"
William Dean Howells Last Updated: February 27, 2009

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